“Reading by the window again, huh?” Iwaizumi smiles, a little out of breath when Oikawa turns his way. The sun kisses Oikawa’s skin and illuminates him, making everything from his tousled hair to his fingertips shine with a beauty Iwaizumi can’t explain.

“It was raining earlier,” Oikawa admits with a small grin, wiggling over to make room for Iwaizumi to join him. Iwaizumi slides in to the corner spot against the bed, tilting Oikawa to rest his head down into his lap.

Oikawa loves to read by the window when it rains. Iwaizumi can’t help but notice that every time he does, the sun comes out just a little while later.

“Tell me about it?” Iwaizumi offers, carding fingers through Oikawa’s hair.

“Okay,” Oikawa brightens, “it starts out on Mars.”

(written by @starlitciities)

preview for a piece in Moments : an Iwaizumi x Oikawa fanzine.
Less than 2 weeks left to preorder! [preorder it here]


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